Supply and Distribution

Token Supply

Initial Supply:

1,000,000 BEAN coins

Maximum Supply:

21 billion BEAN coins. It is estimated that it will take approximately 300 years to reach this maximum supply.

BEAN Currency Distribution:

Upon release, the distribution of the initial one million coins will be as follows:



The goal of these airdrops is to distribute tokens among a wide range of genuine users and to spread knowledge and awareness of the project.


  • January: The BloomBeans Financial System is established on January 18, 2024.
  • April: The BLOOM token is released to initiate public awareness and establish a market presence.
  • December: BloomBeans Financial System release. The release of the BEAN currency will enable full usage of the Financial System. The release date may change as the entire project's code must be completed, audited, and locked before its public release.

Airdrop Allocation Details

This strategic distribution, which will begin upon the release of the BloomBeans Financial System, aims to ensure a wide spread of the BEAN currency, compelling promotion, and strong community growth.

Eligible recipients are DEFI users active prior to BloomBeans’s official launch on January 18, 2024.
The 70% of total coins, that is 700,000 BEAN allocated to passive income enthusiasts from platforms including, but not limited to: 0x, Aave, Ankr, Arbitrum, Chainlink, Compound, Curve DAO, DeFiChain, Frax, HEX, Lido, Matic, Rocket Pool, Uniswap (this list may be updated).

Long-term commitment is key to receiving this airdrop:
  • 20% for more than 5,000 staking days, approximately 40,000 addresses
  • 10% for 3,000 to 5,000 staking days, approximately 50,000 addresses
  • 10% for 1,000 to 3,000 staking days, approximately 100,000 addresses
  • 30% for fewer than 1,000 staking days, approximately 1,000,000 addresses

  • BEAN coins not claimed within four months of the Airdrop will be burned.
  • Duplicate and bot-suspicious addresses have been automatically removed. As a result, some DEFI users may not receive the airdrop.
  • Airdrops will be released gradually over time to avoid market impact. The specific amounts and dates of these airdrops will be communicated to users.

BloomBeans Vision

The BloomBeans community of developers, along with Takashi Nakamoto, is deeply committed to creating a decentralized financial ecosystem capable of transforming the global financial landscape.

The project is envisioned as a long-term development that will unfold in multiple phases. It will expand to cover many aspects of the current financial system while simplifying and streamlining its structure. It will also create and implement new financial possibilities that have never before existed, as the novel products already released foresee.

The BEAN Currency

Market release is expected in December 2024 following the completion, auditing, and locking of the BloomBeans System code which includes the BEAN currency plus the 12 CFAs.

BEAN coins will be distributed as stated on "Token Supply and Distribution"

Once BloomBeans runs on its own Financial Blockchain, the BEAN will be the native currency used to pay for transactions, CFA minting, trade, loan repayments and for voting on which Financial DAPPs the blockchain will accept.


BloomBeans stands out in the crypto field by being the first to create:

  • CFAs (ownership titles for Crypto Financial Assets).
  • 100% decentralized pensions and insurances.
  • Financial products that are fully customizable by the user to meet their specific financial needs, with hundreds of variables to choose from.
  • The upcoming first decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) financial products marketplace.
  • The upcoming first decentralized P2P marketplace for loans collateralized with CFAs.

Long-term user protection

Long-term user protection: the key to trust in crypto.

Longstanding investors are the most valuable in the crypto industry. They contribute to price stability and strengthen the community. Their trust should be rewarded with significant benefits and, most importantly, with certainty about the future.

Our vision is that long-term crypto investors should be protected by the crypto comunity. If previous investments become technologically outdated, the new developments should be airdropped to them for free, ensuring their investments remain secure. This approach facilitates a sustainable long-term vision in crypto.

The BloomBeans team hopes that new and improved Financial System projects will also be airdropped for free to its long-term crypto asset holders, similar to how BloomBeans will airdrop most of the BEAN coin to DEFI users.

By sharing communities and airdropping technologies, we foster a culture of trust within the cryptocurrency community.

BloomBeans Investing

While investing in pioneering and revolutionary cryptocurrencies has often been very profitable, it involves significant risks due to high price fluctuations.

BloomBeans's products are designed to mitigate these risks by encouraging long-term commitment from users.

To further reduce investment risks, we encourage users to learn from successful investors and adopt the following strategies to improve performance:

  • Focus on the Long-term: Quality projects have room to grow but need time to mature. You must be able to withstand bear market periods of 2 to 4 years.
  • Understand the Project: Evaluate its intrinsic value rather than being swayed by price fluctuations.
  • Patience: Opt to buy when prices are low rather than during peak market hype.
  • Discipline: Resist the herd mentality, avoid emotional decisions driven by fear and greed, and maintain a rational approach to your investments. Ignoring media and the hype associated can be very helpful.
  • Quality: Invest in projects with a sustainable competitive edge that can withstand competition. The best crypto projects have pioneering technology, a strong brand, a vigorous community and solid leadership.

BloomBeans Financial System

What are the key advantages of the BloomBeans Financial System?

  • It drastically reduces operational costs in the financial sector.
  • It decentralizes capital ownership and control.
  • It decentralizes credit.
  • It introduces billions of new people to cutting-edge financial services.
  • It eliminates fractional reserve banking, along with the privileges of money printing and lending.
  • It enables weaker countries to streamline their economies and liberate themselves from financial imperialism.
  • It reduces the risk of crises caused by banking credit expansion followed by a sudden stop (e.g., 1929, 2008).
  • The BloomBeans system is completely free from various types of financial manipulation, including funds mismanagement, embezzlement, regulatory capture, front running, fraudulent financial reporting, insider trading, bribery and kickbacks, LIBOR manipulation, illegal loans, and more.
  • It empowers the real economy over a grotesquely oversized financial system.
  • It simplifies finance, promoting financial literacy.

BloomBeans Financial Products

What are the key advantages of BloomBeans Financial Products?

  • Highest yield on the market.
  • Currency revaluation in the long term through BloomBeans's global implementation.
  • Highest level of product customization to meet exact requirements.
  • Complete ownership and control over assets.
  • Interest-free loans using products as collateral.
  • No paperwork, no hassle.

Financial Products

Which traditional Financial Products will BloomBeans compete against?

  • Bank Certificates of Deposit and Savings Accounts
  • Private and Public Pensions
  • Bonds
  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Rental Properties
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Index Funds
  • Crypto Peer-to-Peer Lending
  • Cryptocurrency Staking
  • Mutual Funds and ETFs
  • Annuities

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